Our Story

Where We Started

At Wake Snake™, we are a small family-owned watersports equipment manufacturer specializing in wakesurf ropes. Our family has been enjoying the wakesurfing community for over ten years, and we have seen the sport grow so much. We are lifelong wakesurfers and we love finding the best gear and customizing our equipment to get the most out of our surfing experience. After years of enjoying the wakesurfing sport, we encountered issues that every other surfer was dealing with. 1) Throwing and retrieving the rope when we found the pocket was dangerous and a pain to mess with. 2) Handles, knots, and tangled rope were injuring our friends and taking the fun out of surfing, so we brainstormed some solutions. During our product development process to create better equipment for our family, we kept three essential priorities in mind.

Our priorities:

1. The safety of our passengers and riders.
2. Surfing efficiency and spending more time on the wave.
3. The functionality of our equipment.
We wanted to find the safest and most efficient surfing method without compromising functionality. We knew our family members would use our equipment, and we had to produce our best!

What We Do

What started as a solution to our family and friends' problems quickly turned into a product we thought could improve the wakesurfing community across the country! The Wake Snake Tow System is our solution to safety and efficiency issues we have encountered over the years. The tow system allows riders to leave the rope in the water and quickly recover it when needed without the hazard of throwing it to and from the boat or across the wake. Our braided grasping section has no handles or knots, lowering the chance of tangling and allowing the rope to smoothly pull past the rider. The rope is long enough to drag at the back of the wake and conveniently stay outside of the rider, just within reach when they need assistance but out of the way while they shred. That means fewer falls and more time surfing! We are so happy to share what we have found to work for our family with the rest of the wakesurfing community.

Where We Are Going

We don't claim to have all the answers, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try! Looking forward, we aim to improve the sport and share what we have found with families like us. This amazing sport is growing, and it is a privilege to be a small part of it.
We would love to get feedback from our customers and make changes accordingly. We are here for you! We know everyone says that, but we really mean it.
Email us at support@wakesnakesurf.com