Rope Instructions

Rope Instructions PDF

Get to Know your Rope:

The Wake Snake™ Tow System allows the rider to leave the rope in the water and easily recover it without the hazard of throwing it to and from the boat or across the wake.

Wake Snake Tow System Diagram

Rope Diagram

  • Section A: Attachment Section – Carabiner for easy attachment, Swivel, & Protective Sleeve
  • Section B: Adjustment Section – Use any combination of the segments provided. (B.1, B.2, B.3, B.4)
  • Section C: Braided grasping section


    *If you are unsure of how the Wake Snake Tow System would attach to your tower, please send us an email and we can help you sort it out!

    Attachment Location:

    • Side Point Attachment (SPA) – Attach the rope as near to the top corner of the tower as possible or high and to the side.

    Regular surfer (left foot forward) – attach to the upper left corner of the tower.
    Goofy surfer (right foot forward) – attach at the upper right corner.

    Regular vs. Goofy

    Side Point Attachment allows for the rope to conveniently drag beside the rider without getting in their way. It also allows beginners to easily get up outside of the wake.

    How To Attach The Rope:

    1. Thread the rope (Section A) around a major support brace that runs perpendicular to the main tower frame. Make sure that the rope is “high and to the side”.
    2. Connect the carabiner to the swivel.

    Centurion Rope Attachment

    IMPORTANT Note: If your tower doesn’t have a major support brace that runs perpendicular to the main tower frame, you can thread the rope around any other part of the main tower frame that is “high and to the side”. Connect the carabiner to the swivel.



    Length Adjustment:

    IMPORTANT Note: The length of the rope dictates the distance from the rider’s side. If the rope is too short, it will not give the rider enough space on the wake. If the rope is too long, the rider will not be able to recover the rope during a run.

    Rope Length Diagram

    • To get an idea of how long your rope should be before you start surfing, connect the rope (Section A) to the tower and pull the rope past the stern, and swim platform. The braided section (Section C) should begin about 1-2 feet past the platform. Adjust the length (Section B) accordingly.
    • To shorten the rope - remove any of the two segments (Section B) closest to the braided section of the rope

    Safety Reminders:

    REMOVE all jewelry and rings from hands before using.
    ALWAYS wear a properly fitted, Coast Guard-Approved life preserver.
    NEVER coil the rope, pull it forward to create slack, or wrap the rope around any part of the body. Doing so could lead to entangling the rider and serious injury or death.
    DO NOT attach the rope to any structures that are not the main tower frame which includes but is not limited to board racks, bimini tops, accessories to the tower, cleat assembly, etc. Doing so could cause damage.
    DO NOT attempt to recover the rope once you are behind the wake.
    If the rope slips in your hand(s) – LET GO
    NEVER insert your fingers into the weave of the rope.
    While surfing, DO NOT throw the rope into the boat or across the wake.
    DO NOT tow more than one person at a time while wakesurfing.
    NEVER ride near the propeller.
    NEVER consume alcohol while engaging in water sports.
    AWAYS wakesurf with a qualified driver AND an observer.