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Wake Snake

Wake Snake Tow System | Apollo Surf Rope

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The patent pending Wake Snake™ Tow System allows riders to easily drop and recover the rope when needed without the hazard of throwing it to and from the boat or across the wake.

Our braided grasping section has no handles or knots, lowering the chance of entangling with the rider and allowing the rope to slide smoothly past after a fall. The rope is long enough to drag at the back of the wake and conveniently rest outside the rider, just within reach when you need assistance but out of the way while you shred. That means fewer falls and more time surfing!

The side point attachment and length of the rope make for easy pickups with no assistance from passengers. Beginners also love getting up in clean water outside of the wake!


For more detailed instructions, please visit our Instructions Page 


• Buoyant Braided Grasping Section With Soft and Grippy Feel

 Swivel Attachment To Minimize Rope Twisting

 Side Point Attachment – Perfect For Beginners And Seamless Pickups

 Easy Attachment Carabiner

 Vinyl Sleeve To Reduce Wear

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Adjustment Section

4 Rope Segments: (8.5 ft) (3 ft) (3 ft) (2 ft)

Braided Grasping Section

(~20 ft)

Care Instructions

Store away from direct sunlight

Allow to dry between uses

Pull into boat when switching riders

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Side Point Attachment

Wake Snake Tow System | Feature

The Wake Snake™ Tow System with side point attachment is designed to keep the rope outside of the rider as they surf and keep newer riders out of the prop wash on pickups.

The side point attachment allows the rope to mount on the top corner of the tower on either side.

With our tow system riders can easily drop the rope on the outside of their body as they surf and recover the rope when needed without the hazard of throwing it to and from the boat or across the wake.

Instruction Videos

Wake Snake Tow System Introduction


Attachment Instructions


 Adjustment Instructions